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The image for the layer is replaced with the field (like for the '_text' layer naming convention).The field will be named whatever was in front of the '_inputtext' in the name.

'_jpg' - JPG Image (instead of PNG) By default, all the images psd2css Online makes for you from your PSD file are PNG images. And you don't want your users having to wait a long time for all your giant PNG files to download when they view your webpage. If you want any of your elements to be links to other webpages, psd2css Online will help you out with that too.When you define a layer in PS or the Gimp where the entire layer fits within another layer, then psd2css Online embeds or nests the one CSS layer within the other.You can have CSS layer inside of CSS layer inside of CSS layer, etc., etc.This is where our new '_center' Layer Naming Convention comes in so handy. '_bkgnd' - CSS background-image instead of img tag By default, all images are put into your webpage as image content with img tags.If you make one big layer - the size of your whole page - and then make all of the rest of your layer elements fit inside that one - you can name the big layer '_center' and your whole page centers automatically. As always, there will be an example that illustrates this so much better than I can explain it up soon. But that isn't the only way to get images into a layer.Some folks have asked if they could have their art centered in the browser - now you can!

Now you can center a CSS element with psd2css Online by simply using the '_center' Layer Naming Convention.But now you want the button to 'light up' when the user puts their mouse over it. psd2css Online will recognize that the 2 layers are named the same except for that last 'over' part and generate all the appropriate CSS, javascript and html to give you a great roll over effect. '_center' - Centered, Floating CSS Elements By default, psd2css Online uses absolute position tags for all elements of your page.So just make another layer (probably a duplicate of the first products button layer), modify it (boost the brightness and maybe contrast), and name the new layer 'products_linkover'. So your web page looks just like your PS or Gimp document - all butted up against the left side of the browser.So for example, if you have a layer named 'address_inputtext', then psd2css Online will generate a form input field for you that has a name and id of 'address'.There is also a '_textarea' feature that works similarily to the '_inputtext' feature. If you name a layer that is inside a form anything with the letters '_submit' and the letters '_link' or '_linkover' in it, then that layer becomes a button that submits your form.We'll even leave you a little note (in text) there about how you might want to use that text section.

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