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Strand #2 has 30 inches of beads averaging 7/8 inches in length. There are two strands of restrung kakamba beads here, both interesting and a little different than the usual strands.

The alluring promise held by beads is understandable, for the combination of ubiquity in the archaeological record and celerity in style change is the stuff of robust artifact chronology.

The strands of vaselines with mixed beads are just under 24 inches long. Strand #2 has a mix of yellow and green vaselines and is 23 inches long.

Strand #1 is all yellow vaselines and 25 inches long. These two strands have been put together like necklaces with clasps but the job was not done very well and they should be re-done.

While historians and archaeologists have made advances in tracing out local histories, gaining such nuanced understandings has proven difficult when research has been extended beyond historically documented sites (e.g., Knight 1994; Smith 1987, 1989, 1994, 2002a).

Indeed, for most of this period, historical documents pertaining to the interior Southeast contain at best brief sketches of a few Indian communities.

This page features trade beads which were shipped from Europe and the East into Africa in huge amounts over many years, commonly known as African trade beads.

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and if you see the preview picture at about 1 3/8 inches tall it is close to life size... These blue beads were made from the grindings of broken trade beads, but re-made in Africa.

To ask questions or place an order please email me at: BE761. Strand #1 has 26 inches of beads which are very bright when light shines through them.

Archaeology has great potential to address how this tumultuous period played out among the untold number of historically undocumented Indian communities across the Southeast, but in order to do this, we must first create reliable ways of estimating the dates of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century occupations (e.g., Smith 1983, 1987; Waselkov 1989).

In the Southeast, the best chronological resolution established by current bead chronologies relates to either sixteenth- to midseventeenth-century Spanish-traded bead assemblages or eighteenth-century French-traded bead assemblages (Deagan 1987; Brain 1979; Brown 1976; Little 2010; Smith 1983, 1987; Smith and Good 1982).

The Society of Bead Researchers is a non-profit scientific-educational corporation founded in 1981 to foster historical, archaeological, and material cultural research on beads and beadwork of all materials and periods, and to expedite the dissemination of the resultant knowledge.

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