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For the duo’s upcoming eighth album, Love You to Death, Tegan and Sara reunited with Heartthrob producer Greg Kurstin—a.k.a.

It was just very specifically what I was interested in, and the type of opportunities that I was trying to achieve for us. I wasn't like, “There should be 10,000 people.” It was just that we had always grown, every record, and I felt we had sort of, kind of, “OK, we sustained.” What I realized was that we hadn't just plateaued or sustained with our audience. But when we are playing instruments, we realize how fun it is, and how interesting it is.So in a weird way, the compromise was that I agreed to sort of be a more ambitious band and allow us to look at different things. I don't know what the future in terms of music will hold for Tegan and Sara, like I don't know what kind of record we will put out next, but I think that it feels really exciting to imagine, at this point, that there could be another shift coming.But the compromise Tegan made was that I wanted to move in the direction of pop music, and I want to allow our influences of electronic music and pop music be on full display. We could literally make another record that feels like — I feel like The Con was a response to a time period where we felt that we had to do a certain thing and all of sudden we rebelled and wanted to make a record the way we wanted and do parts backwards and add drums at the end.Three years ago, Tegan and Sara transformed from indie rock mainstays to legitimate pop stars.Their 2013 album Heartthrob saw them crack Top 40 with synth-pop confections like “Closer” and share stages with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.Greg claims there is guitar on, I believe, “U-turn,” but I would never be able to pick it out. I’m not making a statement like, “Guitars are dead!

It’s funny, there’s a little bit of tension when Tegan and I talk about this because, for her, this idea of fully departing from any lineage to rock or indie rock, she doesn’t want to completely cut the tie there. ” I just haven’t thought about the guitar in terms of songwriting in a really long time.With Heartthrob and this new record, I haven’t even remotely thought about the guitar.It just doesn’t play any role in my songwriting or performances. But what I know right now is that being in a band feels really good and playing the music feels really good.I can sense that maybe we are in another place where after this, we'll have a real desire to change it up again.TIME: This album continues the pop sound you introduced on Heartthrob, but it departs in a few radical ways.

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