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I can lay in the bunk and see all 4 sides of my truck & trailer on my tv, so now if I hear a noise or feel the truck move, I can see if it's the wind, a thief, vandal or hit & run etc.

It has been super reliable and has saved me a lot of money and time in many bad situations.

Witnesses are hard to find after an accident, as most people don't want to get involved, and are in too much of a hurry to wait around.

Don't gamble with your hard earned money when protecting yourself costs so little!

Until economic conditions improve, I'm looking for other work,sleeping in my truck, eating from a local food bank. This cam was about the lifestyle, the politics, the frustrations. It's just us in the truck, my perspective is all there is.

I'll talk about what's happening, where I'm at, what I'm seeing and my impressions.

The Windshield Cam Recording System has saved many Truck Drivers, Trucking Companies and Insurance Companies a lot of money and time dealing with lawyers, insurance companies and courts.-------------------------------------------------------------------------If you drive for a living, you need to protect yourself from expensive lawsuits, insurance claims, lawyer fees and fines!

Don't be blamed for an accident that is not your fault, when it costs so little to provide the necessary video evidence you need.It wasn't just the money it saved me, but all the time and trouble it saved me and also the company I work for too. I would highly recommend the Windshield Cam to anybody who drives for a living.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"An excellent company to deal with! This is a "tool of the trade" and is an absolute necessity with all the huge lawsuits and judgements being awarded by the courts.This video with sound stream was 100% live all the time.The view was from the top of the passenger seat of my semi truck, an 18 wheeler.It also gives me "peace of mind" while I'm driving and parked.

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