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That lack of self-seriousness is hugely welcome in the current blockbuster climate — and another link between this franchise and the Marvel movies.

And, yes, to its ability to solve pretty much any problem by hurling a car at it. It starts out as a low-key story of illegal street racers and eventually becomes, for all intents and purposes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but with cars.

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Fast Five is breaking records with its premiere, opening number one in several countries and bringing in the highest opening weekend numbers for any of the previous FF films.

— but in the wake of Walker’s 2013 death, the franchise will have to pivot from the relationship that formed its core for most of the first seven films.

(Walker had completed enough of to appear in that film, and the filmmakers were able to construct a fitting coda for his character.) The eighth film won’t be the franchise’s last, either.

With the fourth, though, the films accidentally become, thanks to the addition of Han to the main cast, a shared universe, where all of the characters are involved in one another's adventures — and they get there a few years before Marvel would.

Along the way, they also make a stop in "the bad guys are good guys now!

This is really happening to these characters in our universe, it seems to say, not in some fantastical one. The stakes of the first film literally hinge on Brian deciding whether to betray Dom. Even in that the idea of "saving the world" comes into play, and it's almost always an afterthought there, because ...

3) Personal stakes are always more important than plot stakes.

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