Updating naics codes

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Nearly 4,000 more firms in Sectors 42 and 44‑45 will become small and therefore eligible for financial assistance under the revised employee based size standards.These revisions do not affect federal procurement programs.

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If you would like to submit comments on SBA’s proposed rule, identify them by RIN 3245–AG84.

This site is used by government agencies and prime contractors to find small businesses that can meet their government contracting or subcontracting needs.

You will have the option to list keywords and a narrative that best describe your business capabilities so be as accurate and succinct as possible to make it easy for others to find you!

Once you have obtained your DUNS number and have identified your industry codes, you will need to register in SAM (System for Award Management).

Registering in SAM will set your business up for electronic payment (Electronic Funds Transfer—EFT) on federal contracts and will establish a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, a five (5) position code that provides a standardized method for identifying companies and is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government.

The revised size standards are effective February 26, 2016.

SBA increases employee based size standards for industries in NAICS Sector 42, Wholesale Trade, and NAICS Sector 44 45, Retail Trade The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued a final rule that SBA reviewed all 71 industries in NAICS Sector 42 and two industries in NAICS Sector 44‑45 that have employee based size standards as part of its ongoing comprehensive size standards review as required by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010.

Once the revised methodology is finalized, SBA will start reviewing the size standards and issuing proposed rules for comments.

For more details, interested parties are advised to contact SBA’s Office of Size Standards at [email protected] 202-205-6618.

Follow the instructions there for submitting your comments.

SBA will not accept comments submitted by email to this proposed rule. You may also review the proposed rule together with comments from other interested parties by going to

A Report on the First 5-Year Comprehensive Review of Size Standards SBA Issues a Proposed Rule to Adopt NAICS 2017 for Small Business Size Standards The U. Small Business Administration (SBA) proposes to amend its small business size regulations to incorporate the U. Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) revision for 2017, identified as NAICS 2017, into its table of small business size standards.