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Editor's note: Some details in this report, while important to the understanding of the story, are graphic.Also, the USA TODAY Network does not identify alleged sexual abuse victims who do not wish to come forward.

In October, the pope appointed Archbishop Michael Byrnes of Detroit to run the Guam archdiocese. The Vatican tribunal's discovery phase of Apuron's trial has ended, and a group of judges are deliberating on his fate.Soon, there were offers to drink sacramental wine and watch X-rated movies. An investigation by the USA TODAY Network's unearthed allegations of decades of assault, manipulation and intimidation of children reared on this remote, predominantly Catholic U. The children's steadfast faith in the island's priests made them vulnerable, the lawsuits say.Accuser William Payne's parents "had raised him to honor and respect the priest, and told him that he had to do what the priest told him to do," according to his lawsuit.Then Doris Concepcion, the mother of former altar boy Joseph “Sonny” Quinata, said in an interview with the that soon before Quinata died, he told her Apuron abused him.The estate of Quinata also has filed a lawsuit against Apuron, the archdiocese and others.Last week, a federal judge agreed to temporarily halt proceedings in most of the clergy sex abuse lawsuits so they can go through an out-of-court settlement process.

The church’s financial arm has identified dozens of its island properties that could be sold to help finance the settlements.

Like Quintanilla and Denton, Sondia — who is an employee of the John "Champ" Quinata, right, recalls during a public hearing what his late brother, Joseph ' Sonny' A.

Quinata, said about his alleged sexual abuse by then-Father Anthony Apuron. Nine days after the Concerned Catholics ad came out, Quintanilla held a news conference to accuse Apuron of molesting him.

He officiated thousands of masses, baptisms, weddings and funerals and positioned himself as a fierce defender of morality, local culture and tradition.

When “Father Tony” was the pastor, families considered it a source of pride to have their sons serve as altar boys.

On June 6, 2016, Pope Francisstripped Apuron of his administrative authority and installed a temporary apostolic administrator in Guam.