Track and confirm not updating

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Track and confirm not updating

Sometimes USPS will hide a shipment or leave it with a neighbor if no one is home to accept it.If you aren't able to locate it, contact our Help team.

We only process to full refund when the package with tracking number is returned without any reason.If a package is stuck at custom inspection, the tracking update will stop as well.All we can do is to wait since we have no control over your local custom inspections to make them proceed any faster.Once it clears customs inspection, it will be posted to your tracking information and you will receive the package shortly.It is worth calling your customs office to make an inquiry for your package.If your order doesn't arrive within 3 weeks, contact your local post office to make sure your order isn't held.

You can reference the delivery partner number sent in your confirmation email with them.International orders can take up to 5 weeks for delivery, but if you still don't have your order after the time frame provided, check with your local postal and customs offices to see if they are holding your order.Contact our Help team if they are unable to find it or provide you with additional details.First, check your Order Status to make sure your order was shipped to the correct address. DHLGlobalmail For Fast Shipping, track your order at If your tracking number has not updated in several days, or if it shows the order as delivered and you haven't receive it, check with your local post office to see if they may be holding the order.If you placed a Domestic (US) order: Check the tracking number issued when the order was placed. Since some packages can be misdelivered it's also a good idea to check outside your home or with neighbors.Standard Plus: Like Standard, reference the delivery time frame listed in your shipping confirmation.

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