Telephone dating trial

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She admitted that her recall of events might have been better when she made that statement back in 1996.Asked if she remembered Cosby giving her $400 she said she did not.

Over that time she claimed she established a friendly relationship with Cosby.

According to Mc Monagle back in 1996 Johnson said that the bungalow incident was in 1990 and the bizarre, and more anodyne, script reading encounter took place in 1996.

In a statement given more than two decades ago he alleged that Johnson explained her decision to go back to Cosby’s home despite the earlier ‘assault’ by saying that she returned because she ‘expected things to be different.’Under rapid and intense questioning during which Mc Monagle hurled details and discrepancies from her own previous testimony at Johnson she struggled to find a voice - or her power of recall.

He had told her he wanted to discuss ‘lighting, set blocking and camera angles,’ - none of them things in which she claimed to have expressed any interest.

She drove to his home in her Volkswagen bug and, when she got there, she said, he suggested they read a scene from a script together.

She lost consciousness she said and when she came to she was in the bedroom, on the bed, her dress pulled up from the bottom and her breasts exposed.

Cosby was lying behind her and she could hear ‘grunting sounds’Weeping Johnson also remembered a bottle of lotion on the bed stand. He made me touch his penis.’She said: ‘I remember him standing by the side of the bed.

‘He opened his hand and there was a big white pill in his palm.’Under extreme duress Johnson said she decided to feign taking it, intending to hide it under her tongue and spit it out in the bathroom. Soon, she said she felt ‘underwater.’After swallowing the pill Johnson went to the bathroom to try to compose herself.

But when she pretended to swallow it with water he offered her wine and said: ‘Open your mouth. She said that the sink area was ‘just covered with prescription bottles.’She thought if she could read them she might work out what she had ingested.‘I was feeling frustrated with myself because for some reason I couldn’t read the bottles - I didn’t need glasses at the time.’Panicking and uncertain of how long she had been in the bathroom Johnson emerged and rejoined Cosby in the lounge.

When confronted with her own statement made at the time concerning the Bel Air bungalow, that Cosby had pushed her head down, she had not liked it and he had said ‘okay’ got up and she drove home, she said she did not remember saying that.

She stated that she did not recall what she said in her deposition - the one that she had earlier described as so humiliating and embarrassing.

She said: ‘He directed me to a kitchen and he put the dinner down and then we went back into a den area where he did have a television set up and videotape to show me some television show he was going to use to explain to me the idea of set blocking and all that.‘He had me read a scene from a script.