Sprung dating game

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Sprung dating game - exclusive relationship on internet dating site

Depending on how you craft the conversation (and the conversations before hand) you will have one to several options of dialogue; will you let the weirdo that’s been hitting on you down gently, or use your rapier-like wit to leave them a traumatised mess quivering under the table?Will you sweet-talk someone into giving you a job, or will you lie your head off?

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This is a bit of a shame, as the initial freedom of the game’s choices (teasing your friends with sexual innuendo and seeing them get a little hot under the collar is great fun) seems to give way to a more linear formula.

All of the options have different outcomes, and the combinations they can be used in are nearly limitless.

As well as this, you can use various objects on your contacts; offering roses and chocolates is nice, but you can guarantee spraying an overbearing lad in the eyes with pepper spray will land you a night in jail.

” will have somewhat obvious outcomes, others cause the recipient to react in completely unpredictable ways and destroy your progress.

This is compounded by the fact that, most of the time, its hard to actually get an accurate idea of the person you’re speaking to; who would have thought that Leane wouldn’t like a Long Island Ice Tea?

According to the story, Becky and Brett are friends and go on a trip to a resort.

Both are finding not only love but best future opportunity.

Brett deals with a man named Connor who is the owner of the resort and is a rich man.

As the story progress, new characters and content will be unlocked.

Thankfully these sections are divided by checkpoints, and screwing things up will allow you to restart chat in a certain place; this takes the edge off annoyance a little.

All too soon, the game becomes a case of trial and error in most incidences; while some lines of dialogue, like “Let me smack you in the face!

This also begins to get annoying as the game progresses; its not unusual for one line to ruin everything and leave you needing to start the level again, and while this is permissible for the fact that this kind of thing DOES happen in real life, what’s not so acceptable is the fact that the dialogue never changes.

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