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While most forces were happy to provide information, some, including Hertfordshire, Dorset and Suffolk, refused to do so. could appeal to the Information Commissioner over this failure to disclose information but it could prove a lengthy process. spokesman said: ‘People probably know that some fixed speed cameras don’t contain film.

Some children would take the effigy in an old pram collecting money for fireworks. Last night we watched a new production by BBC recounting the events prior to and after November 5th.

And in some areas, just one in ten cameras are in operation under a crude postcode lottery uncovered by consumer watchdogs.

The chance of being caught speeding has much more to do with your address than your driving habits.

It wasn't a pubic holiday, as it had once been, but it was a day with bonfires, fireworks, baked potatoes and treacle toffee.

There will be no fireworks at this house but I shall enjoy my Gomphrena 'fireworks' in their place.

Gunpowder treason and plot, Remember, remember the 5th of November, Shall never be forgot.

So goes the rhyme that every schoolchild growing up in England learnt.

We had no idea of the suffering and treatment the Catholics endured in order to practice their religion.

Less than half of the country’s speed cameras are actually working, it was revealed yesterday.

(We have seen many priest holes in these houses on our visits back to England).

The plot was foiled when the cellars were searched after what seems to have been a tip off.

Katie Shephard, of the road safety charity Brake, believes the cameras are vital, saying: ‘They help to stem the huge cost to the economy of road death and injury.’However, a Which?