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Jun-Jul 1985: Steffi Graf of West Germany in action during the Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon in London. w=665" class="size-full wp-image-287 aligncenter" src=" w=665" alt="" srcset=" w=665 665w, w=150 150w, w=300 300w, w=768 768w," sizes="(max-width: 665px) 100vw, 665px" /15-30 : Yes – I truly wish there were more role models for women these days – those who combined humour, smarts, attractiveness, kindness, empathy AND rationality AND integrity. The ‘options’ the media presents are usually the airhead busty bimbos OR the pathologically narcissistic she-men ruthless-corporate-bitch-prototype OR the dowdy-intellectual-angry-feminist-male-basher OR the crazy-sexually-rampant-artist-suffering-from-borderline-personality-disorder OR the dumb-girly-girl-Cosmo-worshipper OR the new-age-pseudoscience-worshiping-post-hippie OR the perennially-depressed-nagging-anorexic-or-overweight-arty-girl-with-issues OR those nauseating real-housewife-of-some-county-type OR the heart-of-gold-stripper OR the-rescue-me-single-mom (whether they need rescuing or it’s just a hook.) My random in-jest or perhaps true guesses for the reasons behind the glamorization of borderline, narcissistic and/or histrionic women in the media are:(A) Most neurotic, nerdy screenwriters are magnets for attracting women with BPD/HPD. ) Danica Mc Kellar (who’s talented, sexy, grounded and a brilliant math whiz and writer.) Or the introverted and down-to-earth violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn who is smart, witty, beautiful, super-talented, supports philosophical and rational ethics and writes very well on her online diaries?

Especially one that a young girl could emulate as a role model?

Then there is its anti-movement which is another extreme and equally illogical. ’ the Satan-‘slut’ – and no one seems to question – where is the middle point? The equilibrium which does not swing to polar opposites?

This extreme promotes that even if you eat insanely, do not exercise and do not wish to make any attempts to be pleasing even to the man you love (and spend the days in ill-fitting jogging pants and smelly t-shirts and consider cooking as ‘demeaning’ and shaving hairy legs as ‘suppression’) – you should be accepted as ‘beautiful,’, ‘healthy’ and cherished and respected, by virtue of being a woman alone – and hell should have no fury like a woman scorned for not being called ‘beautiful’ EVEN if she truly, factually, visually, mentally isn’t! Feelings have to become Facts by cognitive dissonance and all shapes and sizes – not due to genetic predisposition – but due to unhealthy diets should be considered ‘beautiful’ in an orgy of political correctness. That feels neither the need to be exhaustingly needy nor the need to be exhaustively controlling?

(As a mix of six different ethnicities I was exposed to many different religions – Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and hence saw the pros and cons of all – so I have to say I’m a non-religious atheist more in the school of thought of the rationalists like Dennett, Russell and one of my heroes – Carl Sagan.) Anyway, in my room Fraulein Graf ruled the walls. And was not tabloid-crazy but rather maintained a quiet dignity about her private life.

(And also had a good eye for furniture design.) My other role models included women I personally knew and came across in life who combined femininity and feminism in a beautiful way.

He doesn't look like he's earnest [enter-talk] THE REASON IM YOUNGMIN SHOULDN'T DEBUT 1.

how his relationship might affect other members to do the same 2.(ok – there’s nothing inherently wrong about making private ‘sex tapes’ or even being the ‘other woman’ (I’m not judgmental that way) – but claiming ‘fame’ on that basis real talent or accomplishment of your own is just plain crass and idiotic.) Or if you are an out-of-work ‘celebrity’ by crying aloud some sad ‘victim’ story.Give me a break – instead of their weight battles about how much food they gobbled or threw up – go take a trip to some war zone or some suppressed country and then you’ll know what TRUE suffering and victimization of women is in those parts.d actresses went to film and theatre school and have talent and self-made wealth and some among them, such as Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman have other university degrees to boot.There are extremely grounded ones like Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron, Julia Stiles and Jorja Fox.We have been teased for months about AY‘s first produced movie – 30 Days In Atlanta starring actors from Nigeria, Ghana and America. The hilarious flick is about a Warri boy Akpos (AY) who calls himself a self appointed psychologist.

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