Sharepoint 2016 organization browser not updating

28-Mar-2017 14:15 by 10 Comments

Sharepoint 2016 organization browser not updating

Currently Delve displays a person on the org chart if they have a valid account and the manager is set.It gets its data from AD and Azure AD and funnels that through SP Online to get generated.

You also have full control over whether users can edit their own (contact) information, picture, etc.After doing some research I stumbled upon a solution! A member of the Share Point community, co-author of two books and speaker for many Share Point Conferences and Share Point Saturdays.A collaboration between Share Point, Excel and Visio. If you are looking for Jasper, you'll find him working for Sparked straight from the Netherlands!Here is one covered recently in a blog review worth checking out.Unfortunately, we couldn’t acquire one so I had to look for a different solution.The second option when it comes to Share Point Employee Directory is to create custom sites/pages using Content Search Web part.

This option works well when you have a larger organization and want to create an Employee Directory that allows you to filter the different properties using left-hand-side metadata criteria.The challenge was creating an organizational chart based at this list without the help of a third party tool!There are, of course, tools to facilitate this requirements.In one of the earlier blog posts I provided instructions on how to create an amazing org chart in Share Point using Organizational Browser web part.The web part allows you to display your company Org Chart on any site/page in an interactive/dynamic format.You do need to be an advanced Share Point User to create this sort of Directory.

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