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Marília Pugas, head doctor at the Manica Provincial Health Department, said the number of sex workers coming from Zimbabwe had increased in the past few years.The women are highly vulnerable to HIV, mainly due to the difference in price between sex with a condom ($3) and unprotected sex ($10).

Operation Broom Under the pretext of defending the health system, the Mozambican police have been conducting “Operation Broom” since 2008, in which the brothels and barracas—places where sex workers live and sell alcohol to their clients—are being dismantled and the Zimbabwean sex workers deported.

Na THNa C World Health Organization CDC Travel Health Services Country Insights Travel Warnings Consular Information Foreign Commonweatlh Office • U. Embassy 193 Avenida Kenneth Kaunda Maputo Tel: 258] (1) 49-2797, 49-0723 Fax: 258] (1) 49-0114 E-mail: [email protected]: Canadian Embassy 1128 Julius Nyerere Avenue Maputo Tel: [258] (1) 492-623 Fax: [258] (1) 492-667 E-mail: [email protected] • British High Commission Av Vladimir I Lenine, 310 Maputo Mozambique Tel: [258] (21) 356 000 Email: [email protected] Website: HIV Test: Not required.

Country Code: 258 USADirect Tel.: 0 Electrical Standards: Electrical current is 220/50 (volts/hz). I recommend all travelers use a combination of DEET or Picaridin repellent on their skin and Permethrin fabric insecticide on their clothing for greater than 99% protection against mosquito and tick bites.

“It’s hard to encourage sex workers to abandon their profession, but turning them into Aids activists is a less complicated task,” said Maria Clara Paulo, the Omes coordinator in Manica.

The initiative is already showing results: since 2007, 150 sex workers have become activists, 30 of them from Zimbabwe.

A narrow hallway leads to a makeshift wooden counter where a shelf displays a few empty beer cans and soft drink bottles; a side door opens to a corridor with a series of bedrooms, almost all of them occupied.

This is the 25 de Setembro Social Centre, one of the largest brothels in Chimoio, capital of Mozambique’s central province of Manica.Although she is not one of the resident prostitutes, a friend lets her bring her clients to the centre.Mwamutara left a career as an administrative assistant at a rope factory in Zimbabwe. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest incidence of insect-transmitted diseases, such as malaria, and all travelers need products to prevent mosquito and tick bites.Passport/Visa: Mozambique is a developing country in southern Africa which has steadily rebuilt its economy and civic institutions since ending a 16-year civil war in 1992.A number of NGOs, including the Organisation of Female Aids Educators (known by the Portuguese acronym Omes), in the city of Chimoio, have been urging health officials to view the Zimbabwean sex workers as allies in the response to HIV in Mozambique.

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