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Maybe that's why people at work don't like to be around me.

Over this comes a skirt, long of course and a sturdy, opaque blouse or heavy loose-fitting sweater so no one can ogle my boobs, which are my best feature next to my cunt of course!

In fact if you were to meet me, you could do anything you want to me.

I'm sure no matter what it was; it would excite me to the point that eating would not be an issue.

Since I've decided to face my personal demons concerning this subject, it also became a good time to do some serious editing of the first four chapters as well.

The next chapter is about a month away, so those readers who still remember this story have time to refresh their memories to make it easier to get back into the swing of things.

Synopsis: The continuing adventures of the masochistic super tramp who allows herself to be physically modified by the staff of an exclusive private hospital in hopes of attracting a better class of perverts aimed at using and abusing her.

Juliette the Super Tramp Prologue Those of you who have faithfully followed the adventures of my heroine and general screw-up, Juliette, know that her adventures abruptly ended with nurse Crocet wheeling her booby trapped body across to the men's wing of the private hospital where she had been admitted for a total physical revamping. There are many reasons, but the root cause was the fear that I might repeat myself and do True Love II without realizing until it was too late.This sex-crazed 27 year-old lives alone, so we could get together at my place.After fucking me all night you'll really enjoy the kind of breakfast that I'll provide when you wake up.Those unfamiliar with Juliette, but courageous enough to begin to read it now should not be put off by my miserable first attempt at editing.Chapter 1 Saw your ad in Swingers Monthly and thought you might be interested in meeting with me for some mutually satisfying sex.My pubic hair is thick and springy and over the years has forged beachheads reaching to my navel and the cleft between my buttocks.

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    At one point he decided that he would pursue a construction career, enrolling at the technology-oriented State University of New York at Delhi.