Scientific dating methods archaeology

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Researchers like Hublin and Spoor are trying to determine if the Neanderthals had a unique inner ear morphology that can be used as a Neanderthal autapomorhpy.The diagrams below show the difference between modern humans, Neanderthals, and chimpanzees.

On that day the specimen that was to become known as Neanderthal 1 was discovered in the Feldhofer grotto, in the Neander Valley, Germany.The Neanderthal face is distinctive for its significant midfacial prognathism.Features involved in this prognathism include a very anterior midface, retreated zygomatics, anterior position of the dentition, and the anterior position of the nasal aperture.In Santa Luca’s designation, the controversial Qafzeh and Skhul sites were firmly placed out of the Neanderthal range.Neanderthals show a very distinctive craniofacial morphology relative to modern human populations.Evidence that the zygomatics have retreated is seen in that pre-Neanderthals have the at the root of the zygomatic, even though there has been some decrease in mandibular robusticity and postcanine tooth size.

Some of the features that can be used to distinguish Neanderthals from modern humans (but not from earlier or conteporary populations) include: Another trait that is being looked at currently as a way of distinguishing Neanderthals in the inner ear morphology.The site was originally dated by thorium/uranium dating and association with microfauna to the 400 kyr range, but U-series dating has suggested a much younger date of 225 kyr to 185 kyr.However, the stratigraphy of the sites makes the dating of any of these methods with accuracy to the date of the skeletal material as unlikely, so the real date may be earlier or later.Even when the validity of remains attributed to Neanderthal were no longer in such question, the description of Neanderthals was still full of controversy. These two supported the idea that Neanderthals were more apelike than human, were of simian intelligence, and walked in an apelike gait.These perceptions were based on both the misinterpretation of the La Chapelle-aux-Saints specimen as typic of the species (this species was an older individual with chronic arthritis throughout its body), and on the prejudices of these researchers, who refused to accept any evidence that related Neanderthals closely to modern Europeans. However, current research is cutting both ways, with sites such as Vindija and Lagar Velho seemingly giving support to Neanderthal assimilation models.The remains of two individuals come from the site, a child approximately seven-years-old that is represented by fragments of a deciduous canine, a molar, and a permanent molar, and an adult that is represented by most of an occipital bone.

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