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In 2011, she helped Arsenal to another domestic treble.In January 2014 Yankey signed a new two-year contract with Arsenal.

After 8 seasons with Everton Ladies she moved on to Birmingham in 2012, followed by Notts County in 2014.with Powell believing that her form did not justify a call–up.Yankey was also overlooked for the 2011 Women's World Cup qualifiers against Malta and Turkey.She was praised by the club's general manager, Vic Akers: "She remains a key part of the team and her ability and experience will be invaluable in the season ahead." As of 30 December 2016 Yankey was released by Arsenal at the end of her Contract.Yankey became arguably the most famous female footballer in England.But after a return to form with Arsenal Ladies, she was recalled by Powell for the 2010 Cyprus Cup and won her 90th and 91st caps — as a 76th-minute substitute for Jessica Clarke in a 1–0 win over South Africa and as a starter in a 1–0 defeat to Canada.

A return to form at both club and international level saw Yankey being selected regularly again by Powell, and on 29 July 2010 Yankey became the second Englishwoman after Gillian Coultard to earn 100 caps during a home World Cup qualifier against Turkey.

The following list is the perfect proof that soccer really is a beautiful game.

10.) Heather Mitts The 32-year-old USA international is already a veteran in the world of football but her striking good looks still lure fans to the stadiums across the United States. 9.) Leslie Osborne Leslie Osborne is another testament to the fact that USA national team are one step ahead of the competition when it comes to both soccer qualities and visual appearance.

She was the second English female player, after Gillian Coultard, to make a century of international appearances.

Yankey was part of the Great Britain squad for the 2012 London Olympics.

Rachel Aba Yankey, OBE (born 1 November 1979) is an English footballer who plays for the England national team.

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