Oracle trigger if updating then

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When I use before BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE trigger to know the customer being inserted/updated which stores the custid in the package vairable, and use AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE statement level trigger, it works only for the one company.If batch insert or update takes place, the trigger fires my procedure only once for the last customer being inserted/updated.

EMP is mutating, trigger/function may not see it ORA-06512: at "OPS$ * from customer; CUSTID CUSTNAME STATEMENT NETSALES ---------- -------------------- --------- ---------- 1 best buy 08-JUN-99 1000 2 best buy 08-JUN-98 1000 3 best buy 08-MAY-00 2000 Hi Tom: I have a mutating trigger problem....Here is the SIMPLIFIED problem I need the help for...This would be easier if you didn't have that 3 row rule, is it really necessary? The second is the way I would do it -- i would just track the netsales for the last 3 regardless of whether they had 1, 2, 3, or more records.(it would be easier from a programming perspective with or without the mutating table issue)... Its shows how simple the logic is then (regardless of mutating table or not -- the 3 row rule makes this *hard*)[email protected] create or replace trigger t_aiu 2 after insert or update on t 3 declare 4 l_custid number; 5 l_vals state_Array; 6 begin 7 l_custid := state_Ones.

FIRST; 8 loop 9 l_vals := state_pkg.empty; 10 for x in ( select netsales 11 from t 12 where custid = l_custid 13 order by statement desc ) 14 loop 15 l_vals( l_vals.count 1 ) := x.netsales; 16 exit when ( l_vals.count = 3 ); 17 end loop; 18 if ( l_vals.count = 3 ) 19 then 20 update t2 21 set netsales_1 = l_vals(1), 22 netsales_2 = l_vals(2), 23 netsales_3 = l_vals(3) 24 where custid = l_custid; 25 26 if (sql%rowcount = 0) 27 then 28 insert into t2 29 ( custid, netsales_1, 30 netsales_2, netsales_3 ) 31 values 32 ( l_custid, l_vals(1), 33 l_vals(2), l_vals(3) ); 34 end if; 35 end if; 36 37 exit when ( l_custid = state_); 38 l_custid := state_Ones.

My problem : I have a Table called eleavetrial that has say just 2 fields viz.,leavecode and leavename.

Now I write a trigger stating that when one tries to delete the leavecode between 1 and 10 it should not allow him/her to delete.

If you can, I would give serious consideration to dropping that requirement and just tracking it for everyone.

It would make the process of inserting/updating much faster.

When it is not known -- the mutating table constraint is in effect Hi Tom, Your Mutating Trigger examples are priceless! -- Drop and Create table drop table t cascade constraints; create table T ( T_ID NUMBER not null, MGR_ID NUMBER, MGR_TYPE VARCHAR2(1) ); alter table T add constraint T_PK primary key (T_ID); alter table T add constraint M_UK unique (MGR_ID); alter table T add constraint M_FK foreign key (T_ID) references T (T_ID) on delete set null; -- Create/Recreate check constraints alter table T add constraint MGR_TYPE check (mgr_type in ('C','A')); create sequence t_seq start with 1; begin for i in 1..6 loop insert into t values (t_seq.nextval,null,null); end loop; commit; end; / -- Business Rules -- a one to one link must exist between only two t_id's -- when updating a mgr_id to another t_id, the other link must be null'd, and the new link created.