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Thundie’s sadly stuck with a 50 episoder (plus extension, mwahahaha, sorry Thundie babe), but I merely have 2 more episodes with my beloved Ki Joon and Ah Jung. At this point, this drama has become “let’s watch Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye date each other in a drama and ad-lib half their lines and gestures”. After watching a few episodes of the new writer’s work, I think it’s a toss-up for Lie to Me fans as to which one is preferable.Hence, no wolfy plot in will derail my love for them! The first writer created a very unique mood, character flow, and situational set-up for her drama.

But sometimes the truth is impossible to determine. Dad says he believes that Ki Joon is a good guy, because he drank dad under the table. So Ran sees the news about Ah Jung, which accuses her of spreading rumors of a fake marriage to Hyun Ki Joon and using that to threaten him.The press surges closer to ask about the contract, and Manager Park and other hotel employees have to intercede and quickly extricate Ah Jung, who drops her cell phone in the process.Ki Joon leaves the airport and gets into his car and is whisked away from the reporters hounding him.Jae Bum confirms that Ah Jung came by yesterday asking for his help.So Ran wants to call her, but Jae Bum says Ah Jung won’t answer.Because of her actions, Ki Joon had no choice but to continue the lie in front of the Chairman.

She lays all the blame at her feet and absolves Ki Joon of any involvement.He asks Park Hoon if Ah Jung has been swept up into the scandal, and Hoon says not yet.Too bad Aunt calls right at that moment and reveals that Ah Jung just announced to the press that she’s completely responsible for Ki Joon’s scandal.The press asks why Ki Joon went along with it, and Ah Jung mentions that she got scared and wrote up a contract asking that it be kept a secret.Ah Jung is asked if she had any ulterior motives when approaching Ki Joon.Episode 14 Recap: Ah Jung stands before the throng of reporters and reveals her culpability in the current media scandal.

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