Online dating for singles yahoo personals

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Online dating for singles yahoo personals - Hook up fast no registration or signup

He claim to be in Syria and said he would be retiring in September he said he would come to jamaica on the 27th September.

My biggest worry is that I have Skype''d with him, he never showed himself saying he cannot because of his job in the military that he is not allowed to show himself on camera, but I have showed myself, too much of myself if you know what I mean.Robin said he was stationed in Afghanistan and was retiring in 5 weeks and looking for a relationship to come back to in the states.He said he was married for 10 years and widowed for 8 years and she passed from cancer in the blood.Lori (Canada) Report N45 (added on August, 25, 2014) I was contacted on within a few minutes of joining.He asked me to move to yahoo messenger to continue talking.He asked for a galaxy 5 phone but said because it would take to long if I shipped it to send Mr Lord the money I never sent it he said its OK he loved me not the phone then he needed me to send money for school books for danny his son.

He wanted me to open a account at a Credit Union so he could transfer money from his account so I could send it to Mr Lord because Danny's paper work was messed up and he couldn't leave Ghana . I am stringing him on in hopes of finding a way to catch him .

He said that his diplomat would send 0,000 US to me along with gold chains and rings I recieved an email from SKYSHIELD DIPLOMATIC EXPRESS LOGISTICS LIMITED stating my parcel is in transit with a tracking number to track the location of the package I then recieved another email stating that the parcel had reach india on its route to jamaica and I was required to pay a fee of 0 US additional to clear the package .

This man is a criminal and involved my family into his scam it seem so real im writing this to warn all women a scam comes in many forms.

Chamelia (Jamaica) Report N48 (added on August, 26, 2014) I was contacted on Skype by General Terry Clark.

He claimed to be based in Afghanistan and had been there for a year.

He said he had no other family as he was adopted from Berlin and his adopted parents had passed.