No pay video chats

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No pay video chats - Free unregistered video chat

Apple users rely on Face Time for most of their on-platform communication, that does not mean Android users are left hanging. Skype is synonymous with two things, Business and “can you hear me now?” It came out in 2003 as an instant messaging solution to compete with the popularity of Yahoo!

It also supports group chats and the best part is that any in-app purchases are purely for aesthetic purposes and none of the functionality is hidden behind a paywall.

That said, its stand out feature has been video conferencing.

Even with a weak 3G connection, you are going to have decent video as well as voice quality during a call.

Video chat is the “future” as promised by science fiction since the 1970’s.

Internet speeds being as preposterously fast as they are today, it is no surprise that video chat would end up replacing verbal conversations altogether.

Moreover, you can download Tango supported games from the Play Store to play with other users.

Download Tango from the Play Store The following apps do come up a lot when video chats are mentioned though they are not necessarily video chat apps.

You can still send messages and images via the app, but you can start a video chat as quickly as you can reach the bottom left corner. All IMO users in your contact list will automatically be added to your contacts list and you will not be able to delete them.

Download Imo from the Play Store Tango is the OG of video chats, coming out with video chat on mobiles long before it became mainstream.

The video quality on Facebook is also good enough on low speed connections, it does disconnect after a certain threshold though, but it is still quite functional.

Building on the trend set by Snapchat filters, you can even add some flair and make your video conversations a little more interesting.

and MSN Messengers and it has been a staple of the video conferencing community ever since.