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Microsoft was working on Windows 98 at the time, and their “Where do you want to go today? The top headline – “Internet Explorer 4.0 Debuts to Critics’ Applause” – seems hilarious in retrospect, with Internet Explorer ultimately becoming a drag on the Internet.

The New York Times shows us what a newspaper website used to be like.But then, Yahoo just couldn’t be cluttered back then.It would have taken too long to download over those old dial-up modems.The University of Haifa is a third term university in this programme. The programme provides students with an advanced understanding of the economic effects of divergent laws and prepares students for a professional career, for example, in public organisations, in multinational law firms or consultancy firms.About 10 Israeli students are being admitted to the programme annually. Graduates are also well prepared for doctorate research in a Ph D programme such as the European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE).If you were there at the time, you’ll feel nostalgia – if not, you might be surprised just how far we’ve come.

Feel free to follow the links and do your own exploring, even revisit your own old haunts and marvel at how dated they look.

The courses start at the beginning of October and end in June. The unique international and interdisciplinary character of the EMLE Programme is secured through an intensive co-operation between lawyers and economists at no less than seven European Universities and three non-European partners.

Students may study at up to three different universities but cannot spend all terms in the same location.

The website attempts to bring the familiar newspaper-style layout to a browser – luckily, newspaper websites If you weren’t using Yahoo, there’s a good chance you were using Alta Vista.

Alta Vista now just redirects to Yahoo’s search results, and Yahoo is just a frontend to Microsoft’s Bing.

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