My daughter dating control freak

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My daughter dating control freak - ancient egyptian dating system

My partner sometimes reminds me, “It doesn't always have to be about being efficient! I became open to hearing about and trying other people's way of doing things. But other people can decide that on their own, without my help.

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Sometimes it’s as easy as noticing that you’re in control mode and choosing to let go—consciously and deliberately shifting into surrender energy. I’m being gently pulled, no effort necessary on my part. It turns out I really wasn’t, not always, not for some people.Now I stop and listen, rather than jumping right in with my solution. I’ve learned to patiently await his next cleaning day, even when the cute little dust-bunnies jump out from the corners to mock my lack of caring about their presence. Only after that, it’s okay to speak my mind or give my opinion. It’s okay to present my ideas; it’s not okay to be forceful or insistent about them. I don’t have to be in charge of getting things done. I will absolutely learn something new when I observe how others do things. I can now laugh at myself and move on, without meeting her demands. She is no longer in control, that well-intentioned control freak. Purposefully seeking out an approach that I wouldn’t normally think of can lead to adventures and discoveries and playful enjoyment. So, in fact, it’s still okay to control whatever I want to control, as long as it’s about me and my own activities.

My control freak no longer negatively impacts anybody else.

It’s amazing the things we can discover when we’re not trying to go from A to B in the most efficient or direct way.

I’m getting good at hearing Little Miss Perfect when she tries to take over my thoughts.

I came to realize that everybody has their own “best way” of doing things.

I finally began to understand that some people found my controlling persona annoying.

To be honest, for me this is not necessarily a more relaxing way of life—yet—but it's certainly better for relationships and for going with the flow. Expecting perfection in others is a good way to lose friends and alienate colleagues.

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