Most intimidating away ground

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Most intimidating away ground

Around 4,000 away fans can be accommodated in this end.Like the general improvement in football, a trip to Millwall is not as threatening as it once was.

This gets very crowded after matches as the whole away end leaves. Not that difficult to find as the stadium sticks out like a sore thumb.We went into the docklands first so see all of Portsmouth's sights before taking the light railway to Fratton. The docklands contain some of the navy's oldest, most important ships. Upon arrival one must go to the old Tudor-style entrance for a photo opportunity. Fratton Park is surrounded by wasteland, terraced housing and no places of interest.Probably the most unique entrance to a football stadium I've ever seen.To get to the away end we had to squeeze down a narrow ally.The toilets are dotted along the path, but are again, not up to modern standards. The view's not great with pillars holding up the roof.

I was surprised to see these as the roof was built in the last few years.It's a tricky walk down a steep path to get to the toilets.If you eventually manage to get there without breaking your leg you'll find very small toilets, and probably a queue. I couldn't get to the food and drink outlets because the concourse was so small that I couldn't get anywhere near them.There's a crush when you get to the road behind the away end, as home fans join the away exodus.During games stewards and police aren't heavy handed. Now that the away end's got a roof it's possible to generate a real noise.I hate people leaving before half-time to get food, but if you want refreshments, I think you'll have to miss added time.

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