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Mid summer eve dating - rapidshare blind dating

This year the maypole will be raised at 2pm on Midsummer’s Eve.There’s more on this year’s Midsummer celebrations at Skansen here.

These tend to kick off fairly early on Midsummer’s Eve – aim to get there for around midday.The same applies on the Saturday (Midsummer’s Day).It could be gloriously sunny, but there’s a running joke in Sweden that the weather on Midsummer’s Eve is often the same as at Christmas.Dancing, feasting, drinking and a seemingly endless supply of sunlight: there’s a lot to like about Midsummer in Sweden.With the possible exception of the weeks leading up to Christmas, the other big festival on the Swedish calendar, it’s the best time of year to be a foreign visitor in the country.Book ahead at Djurönäset Konferens & Hotell, which is accessible from the city centre by road, and you can have a traditional Midsummer lunch, complete with pickled herring and all the trimmings. Gothenburg’s main park, Slottsskogen, is one of the best places in Gothenburg to celebrate Midsummer.

Expect games, dancing and picnicking around the maypole.Despite later attempts by the church to transform Midsummer into an entirely Christian festival, it’s the pagan symbols that have stood the test of time.Women and young children still put wild flowers in their hair, and communities across the country still decorate phallic have very little to do with Midsummer, but nobody seems too worried.Midsummer 2017: Friday 23rd June Midsummer 2018: Friday 22nd June Midsummer 2019: Friday 21st June The Friday (Midsummer’s Eve) is the main event, so many shops are closed altogether, or only open for short periods.In larger cities like Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg many restaurants, petrol stations and big supermarkets will still be open, though your options will be limited in rural areas.Vitabergsparken To experience Midsummer on a smaller scale in Stockholm, head to Vitabergsparken, a small park on the eastern side of Södermalm, for the usual dancing, singing and snacks.

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