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She asks him out again after bumping into him, but he declines yet again.His refusal isn't for a lack of chemistry: it's very clearly because she is fatter than the women he has dated before.

He’s the one who had all these amazing insights into what is a women’s issue for the most part.

And I think she sees, like she says, that Louis is a good person and she sees that vulnerability in him, and that she can share these things with someone like him, and that he will get it. I basically worked two days and I was in every scene in those two days, so it was a lot of work and not a lot of time in between to think about things.

In a way, that’s good because it’s less time to worry about everything.

There’s a lot of things that are a lot more interesting to me to play than that.

So it was hard to do something that was so specifically about weight. I think he’d seen how nervous I was that day, so I think he was trying to tell me, “Look, you’re good, and you’re going to get these challenges.

But to me, being a fan of the show, knowing how things are handled on the show and the way he framed it so beautifully, this was the time to do something about weight. So you need to be confident that you can meet these challenges.” It was like he was giving me this nice post-show pep talk thing.

And I said, “I just want to tell you I love your show so much, and this part is so beautiful …

The episode, and the monologue in particular, are worthy of a close rewatching.

lauded it for doing "something extraordinary —namely, ma[king] some really powerful points about gender, media, and American standards of beauty, all while avoiding the common traps of stereotyping or mansplaining." In the episode, Baker (who plays Vanessa) asks out Louis, who declines even though she is charming, fun and shares his interests.

It’s hard to tell but it seems like they crossed a giant hurdle in that moment together. There are a lot of moments like that where these people come into his life in a really profound way and sometimes you see them again and sometimes you don’t, and they all affect and change him.

Maybe the story with that person doesn’t continue but it certainly has an impact on him.

There’s a point in the speech at the end where she talks about hitting on hot guys and how they’re totally game because they’re not worried about about people thinking, Oh, what is he doing talking to that girl? Vanessa basically freaks out and says, “Holy shit, it’s Ed Burns. I love you,” and he’s just super sweet to her, like, “Aaa! ” and makes her sit on his lap and kisses her on the cheek.

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