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Microsoft offers a number of machine learning tools as part of its Cognitive Services API scheme, letting developers access features such as natural language processing in the cloud.

Many of these services are free for limited use, with costs scaling with demand.

"If they don't use this tool they click and click forever until they find the doppelgänger in porn.

We just give them the tools right now to make that search easier." Eddy L added that there are already communities on sites like Reddit that are dedicated to finding lookalike porn stars and webcam performers based on users' photographs.

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From slopeside offerings to private condos, the offerings at Breckenridge with create vacation memories to last a lifetime.(You can read Lomas' story here and see the not-so-similar-looking performers that were matched with her photograph.) This is most likely to be a reflection of the limited pool of webcam models using Mega Cams.At the time of writing we weren't able to test the tool for ourselves as there's currently a waitlist of nearly 10,000 photographs to be processed.Our World-Class Center offers product experiences that are catered specifically for you.The Hume Fire Pit is a newsletter & events email of all things Hume.An adult webcam site claims to be the first ever to use facial recognition technology to help users find "sex doppelgängers" of people they know.