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Live sex chat in smoketwon

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Cathy Campbell, director of Heyman Talent Agency's Louisville office, said the agency helped the network fill more than 30 speaking parts for "Smoketown." Whonsetler said a majority of the crew is also Kentucky-bred including the miniseries' director Shane Sooter and producer Cassie Arza.

Now, "Smoketown" is just one example of how Hollywood has used different spots in Louisville as its set. Well, it's because our state offers pretty good incentives for coming here.

Others include the film "Mom and Dad" with Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair and "Monumental" starring Maria Bellow and Jeremy Irons. Since May 2015, Kentucky has offered qualified productions a refundable income tax credit of up to 35 percent – an increase from the previous 20 percent established in 2009.

Eligible productions must spend at least 0,000 in the local economy and those incentives don't have a program cap that many other states, including nearby Ohio, have, the Courier-Journal previously reported.

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Whonsetler said the miniseries, which has one more week of filming in Louisville, has shot scenes downtown in various office buildings, in different homes in Middletown, Iroquois Park and in Portland, where the cast and crew spent about a week and a half shooting.

They've also shot in the Louisville Glassworks building, 815 W.

For the past few weeks, Louisville has served as the set for a miniseries produced by the religious network, Trinity Broadcasting Group.

The series, called "Smoketown," isn't about the neighborhood between Phoenix Hill and Shelby Park, the series' producer and Louisville resident Stephanie Whonsetler said.

Court Ave., Jeffersonville, IN, (502) 283-3636Nord's Bakery, 2118 S.

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