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- You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your i Tunes Account Settings after purchase.- You cannot cancel the current subscription during the active subscription period.

On top of that, I came to the app today, and my account was hacked! I had a load of conversations that I had no part in, with random people around the world. If you block a member on here they are right back on the next day.

In an unusual move, South Korea's military released footage of its own missile tests it said were conducted last week.

The videos showed two types of new missiles with ranges of 800km (497 miles) and 500km (310 miles) being fired from truck-mounted launchers during three tests conducted on 24 August.

My profile information was all changed, and all of my pictures are gone. There are more scammers and fake profiles on this website than there are true real members.

I'm very disappointed in this app, and I hope they receive the complaint I sent them. Slows pc down and I hear the same from many others.

Those prisoners were mixed in with citizens convicted of violent crimes, such as murder and manslaughter, as well as organized prostitution and sexual assault.

“Many interviewees said that the final decision for a public execution was often influenced by individuals having a ‘bad’ family background in addition to the crime they were alleged to have committed,” the report stated.

“In ordinary areas outside the prison system, our interviewees stated that public executions take place near river banks, in river beds, near bridges, in public sports stadiums, in the local marketplace, on school grounds in the fringes of the city, or on mountainsides,” the report stated.

The report said people were publicly executed for crimes such as stealing rice and livestock and distributing South Korean media.

The Yonhap news agency said government officials wanted to show Seoul's ability to overwhelm its belligerent neighbour in the case of all-out hostility.

Pyongyang's test of an intermediate-range ballistic missile that flew over Japan's northern Hokkaido island was condemned by Tokyo as an "unprecedented, serious and grave threat" to the region.

Kim Jong Un’s brutal North Korean regime shot so-called “criminals” to death in schoolyards and fish markets in a twisted attempt to create an “atmosphere of fear” throughout the dictatorship, a Wednesday report from a human rights group revealed.

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