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The community are identifying Glorious Decontee David, Jeanette Wright and Eva Fatu Tumbay as the three victims.They were on their way to Minnesota to visit family and friends.

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We support quality education through our teacher training programme.

Decontee David’s husband, Glory Blamo – the pastor of the church this community attends – is still in shock. Blamo said his family and friends in the Liberian community were deeply saddened by the news.

“I don’t believe it yet because I haven’t seen a body,” he said. “From the day we got the information, people were fainting, people were collapsing, people were going crazy.” Kanton Wright’s sister Jeannete died in the collision, but his daughter Janet Wright Gaye is in the hospital in critical, but stable condition.

Street Child started working in Liberia in 2013, helping street children in the capital of Monrovia.

When Liberia was hit with the Ebola crisis, we expanded our work to support the thousands of children impacted by Ebola to go to school.

Liberia was still healing after years of brutal civil war when it was hit by the 2014-5 Ebola epidemic.

Liberia has some of the world’s worst education indicators.

Liberians in Edmonton, a small and tight-knit community, are heartbroken and consoling each other.

“We lost our sisters, we lost our friends, we lost the aunts to our children,” Sophia Savice told CTV News.

There were four women in the minivan: two of them, aged 37 and 35, died on scene; a 53-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries later; and a 32-year-old woman was air-lifted to an Edmonton hospital. The truck involved in the fatal collision was reported stolen in the Lloydminster area the previous night, RCMP said.

The occupants fled before police arrived to the scene of the crash, but a 26-year-old male was located and is in custody.

We build schools in rural Liberia to provide access to education to children who have never had the chance to go to school We tackle the barriers to girls' education and give more girls the chance to go to school Offering children the chance for an education isn’t just about providing the schools.

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