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He was in Venice to collect the inaugural Gucci prize for writing the script for 2005's Australian western The Proposition.

While it would be wrong to call him ageless – he turns 55 this month – when he removes his sunglasses to reveal blue eyes there's something oddly vampiric about him.

Designed by Sarah Gilsenan and Andy Paltos, the denim is strong, comfortable and tailored well so that each pair can be worn anywhere from the office to the club.

For the most recent product shoot, the Rollas team has shot with legendary rocker Nick Cave’s son Jethro.

, came out in 2008 – Cave's lyrics have obsessed on such themes as religion, death, violence and love.

(It's a delicious thought that one such outpouring made it on to the soundtrack of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the melancholy of O Children accompanying a dance between Harry and Hermione.) Lawless too feels like a melting pot for Cave's interests. It's not like The Expendables, which is way more violent.

he first time I saw Nick Cave in the flesh, it almost knocked me sideways.

There he was – a tall, ghostly figure with a hangdog face and a handlebar moustache.Overblown urban myth had it that he wrote it using his own blood when he couldn't afford ink.The truth was he was strung out on heroin for much of this time.A 1920s Prohibition drama about a trio of real-life Virginia bootlegging brothers, the Bondurants, it has been freely adapted from the book by their descendant Matt Bondurant into a quasi-mythical blood-splattered fable. I think what affects people is you actually feel something.When you see someone get punched, you feel something." This is true."We live in civilised societies where we live civilised lives, all of us. With two older brothers, Tim and Peter, and one younger sister, Julie, his was a cultured upbringing; his father Colin was an English teacher at the local school and his mother Dawn its librarian.

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