Jeff probst dating jerri from survivor

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Jeff probst dating jerri from survivor

I just loved it.”But a year ago, Probst had an environmental epiphany and the Toyota Prius was the result of that paradigm shift. Now, I honestly can’t imagine being back in that truck. But I really enjoy driving the Prius.”But Probst didn’t choose the Prius because it is Hollywood’s car du jour.“It was one of those days when things crystallized and I realized I can’t drive this anymore. He was looking at hybrid SUVs, such as the Toyota Highlander or Denali and Probst didn’t think they were very green.

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“I could fit my Prius in the back of the Denali, so I went from the biggest car you could get to a really small one.

But in terms of value, for 30 grand for a daily drive that gives incredible gas mileage and is fun to drive — I’d give it an 8.

It shows your fuel consumption, like right now I’m averaging 41 mpg from this drive.”With its low ground clearance, Probst’s hybrid does hit the pavement at times.

“I didn’t even know there was still a drive-in existed.

Took the Prius, rolled the windows down, had the feet up.

“It was a weird perception because the show was so popular and my friends assumed I was must be making millions, but I was making less than I’d made in any other job.”When he finally bought a new car, he bought a rugged GMC Denali.

“I really enjoyed it and I road tripped everywhere in that car and I slept in it.

I would just push the clutch in and even though it wasn’t doing anything, I’d grind it into second, then grind it into third,” he laughs.

“The whole car was 0, but God, I babied that car.”Probst enjoyed his share of “car wars” with friends.

I would pull up to red carpets in that car and that oddly felt good I wasn’t in the expected ride.”Even after a few years of hosting “Survivor,” Probst still didn’t upgrade.

“For the first several years, I was not making a lot of money,” he admits.

Just keep driving this car.’ The windows didn’t work, it didn’t ride very well, it had rust everywhere, the paint was terrible.”At a point in his career when most celebs buy some snazzy dream car to declare they’ve made it, Probst’s Rodeo was its own metaphor for his life.

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