How radiometric dating supports the theory of evolution

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How radiometric dating supports the theory of evolution - Sex chat au

For example, when a DNA molecule copies one of its genes, the copy is called RNA.This RNA molecule then leaves the DNA and travels to the ribosome, where the information is re-read and translated from a 4-letter (DNA/RNA) code to a 20-letter amino-acid / protein code.

Keep in mind that for it to "select" a benefit, it would first need to be able to reproduce itself -- which it can't -- and the thing "selected" would need to convey some sort of benefit.This complex molecule then must be folded into the correct shape in order for it to become a useful protein. Ribosomes are tiny protein factories that take the information from the RNA and use it to make homochiralic proteins from L-type amino acids.Proteins are not known to form naturally in slime-pools, oceans, or laboratories, but rather are only made by living organisms. It is also loaded with information, or like a highly ordered and complex program (or book) that is hundreds to thousands of pages long and so far nature, on its own, can't even write a single line of that book.This molecule contains the information needed to make a specific life-form, and which enables it to maintain and The DNA molecule is mysteriously broken down into genes.One DNA molecule may have thousands of different genes or protein blueprints.To my knowledge NOT EVEN ONCE, but rather only very selective and highly edited bits and pieces of what we have to say.

That's because the theory of evolution is a bankrupt theory that cannot stand up to the light of day, and so its promoters, with the continual help of the Media, are allowed to continue promoting a theory that is falsely called " amino acids that make up proteins.

Therefore, when we talk about the past, and especially the distant past, such as the creation of the earth, or the life that exists on it, we are dealing with something that has not been examined or observed by men, nor can it be repeated or demonstrated in a laboratory.

Furthermore, the theories that have been proposed: Creation, Evolution, Slow Creation, have not been and almost certainly never will be "proven" in a strictly scientific sense.

The popular theory of evolution proposes that the book of life -- with all of its twists and turns and complexity -- wrote itself, without the aid of an intelligence.

Just as amazing, if not more so, is that there are still many University Professors and scientists who have Great Faith in the mysterious power of Nature to create such complex things as living organisms that they can't duplicate. After more than 100 years of proclaiming evolution as an established fact, scientists are now admitting (in a prestigious science journal) that there is no actual evidence that evolution takes place.

And without an overriding Intelligence to oversee it, or without pre-programmed "target," it has no ability to 'select' for anything because it isn't alive, has no brain, and is blind to everything around it.

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