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She was the defendant in a case brought by her ex-fiancé, Dale Smith Jr., 40, over her missing engagement ring.Parker’s mother, Yvette Stewart, told ABC News that Michelle was “a reluctant participant” who agreed to do the show so she wouldn’t have to pay for the $5,000 ring.

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Michelle Parker, then 32, taped her episode in the show’s Midtown studios in June 2011.

29, 2011, just days after she’d filed a motion in Small Claims Court in Manhattan against a local business, seeking her deposit back on a Murphy bed.

(The show employs “spotters” to read through thousands of Small Claims Court filings a year in search of potential plaintiffs and defendants.) “I just thought I’d win, according to their letter,” Evart says.

She repeatedly flips her hair and smiles at him, spending almost as much time quizzing Smith about his hobby — dressing up for sci-fi conventions — as about allegations that he physically assaulted Parker. In the post-verdict interview, the host asked Parker if her relationship, which he likened to the movie “Fatal Attraction,” had a chance of recovering. In 2003, Smith, who had been court-martialed several times on charges of drug possession and domestic battery, was dishonorably discharged from the Marines.

Milian blows by his gratuitous comment that Parker is looking to replace her breast implants — and here Parker looks mortified — to return to the matter at hand: He has no pictures of himself in costume. He’d been in trouble long before that: In 1990, he was involved in a bar fight in which a man was killed; Smith’s friend, then-16-year-old Phillip Muradanes, was convicted of the stabbing.

In a 2006 complaint, a former participant named Patrick Barlow alleged that Milian “was wearing an earpiece and at times interrupted testimony with crazy [interjections] such as, ‘You are not going to do a Mexican hat dance on me,’ and, ‘Who are you, Imelda Marcos?

’ ” In many ways, it’s inevitable that “The People’s Court” has gotten cruder — you’ve got to move with the times, right?

“That’s not the way it should be — trying to seek justice, and instead I got aggravation and stress.

It was uncalled for and unnecessary.” Evart says she was contacted by producers for the show on Sept.

” — is a precursor to the famous gavel beats that open every “Law & Order,” and the show was a harbinger of — if not an accelerant for — actual criminal trials (O. Perhaps most remarkably, “The People’s Court” is a cultural staple that has been remarkably free of controversy. Although the show has been sued by participants before, none of these suits made national or even local headlines.

In addition to Evart’s, The Post found two other New York-based filings against the show, both settled out of court.

Milian has presided over the “The People’s Court” since 2000, and her tenure has been so successful — by 2006, the ratings spiked 72 percent — that it’s estimated she earns million a year.

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