Great sphinx dating

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Mr Reader said the tomb would have been adapted and embellished by later inhabitants of the area.

A drone survey highlighted other buildings that may be buried at the site.A sunken palace on the Giza plateau provides further evidence that there was activity in the area before the building of the pyramids, Mr Reader said.Its style implies that it is older than the other tombs at the site.Historical architect Dr Jonathan Foyle, who worked with Mr Reader on the project, said the head and body were massively out of proportion.He said the reason for this could be that the Sphinx originally had an entirely different head - that of a lion.Given that the monument already has the body of a lion it makes sense to the experts that it also originally had the face of a lion.

During Egypt’s early history lions inhabited the wilds of Giza and surrounding areas.

Last year, for example, ISIS released a video that showed militants using sledgehammers and drills to destroy artifacts in Iraq’s Mosul Museum.

In 2015, ISIS took control of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria and subsequently demolished some of its best-known monuments, such as the Temple of Ba'al.

A nearby site, Usu Aska, has revealed a fort tentatively dated to time of the ancient Assyrians.

A grave cut into the Assyrian remains contained a coin dating to the time Parthian King Orodes II, around 57 to 38 B. “The discovery of a fort dating to the time of the Assyrian period will generate information on a corner of the empire which is virtually unknown, while the discovery of a city established in the wake of the conquests of Alexander the Great is already yielding evidence for the fundamental changes wrought by the advent of Hellenism,” explained the British Museum.

The Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Scheme was set up in 2015 in response to the devastation wrought by the Islamic State.

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