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i told her-he legged it...never to be seen nor heard of again.

Social networking was not even a term anyone used, but Friends Reunited grew very quickly to become one of the largest sites in the UK.” It did. In a newly technological era where no one, not even JR Hartley, used the phone book anymore, it took full advantage of the internet's ability to shrink the world until it was within everyone's grasp, and for a few years it managed, organised and compartmentalised our collective memory.I had missed him over the years, and now it's all good again! Most of the others from school, yeah, they are on there and yes, I remember them, but that is why I can't be bothered with them now too.after writing a nasty message naming and shaming my first love (daughters father) in my friends reunited profile, the shit actually mailed me. spoke for a while then the shit (as ive aptly named him) convinced me to tell my precious 13 year old that he wanted to keep contact and was sorry for the missed 13 years.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...“Sad to hear Friends Reunited is shutting,” Jon Ronson tweeted on Monday in response to the news.

“I've happy memories of finding the boy who threw me in a lake and telling him I'm now a best-selling author.” Its website was basic and clunky, but in the first few years of the 21st century all websites were basic and clunky.

This prompted one of two reactions among that generation of people for whom Friends Reunited blazed a trail in revealing the myriad pleasures of online activity (in other words, the over-35s): a keen sense of nostalgia for the site that first realised the potential in using the internet not merely for email (or porn) but to find former friends and rekindle old flames; and a certain surprise that the website had still been limping on at all in an arena long since reimagined by younger bucks with more appealing alternatives.

In an emotional email sent yesterday by its founder, Steve Pankhurst, to those who had forgotten they ever had an account, he wrote: “In the summer of 2000, we launched Friends Reunited as a method for people to find their old friends from their school days.

I also saw my ex's profile, he is a model now, funny thing is he was a total geek when I knew him, and now he is HOT, I'm such a fool for dumping him Right I'm off to check my bank account to see if I can afford the membership fee I've been a member for about 3 years...mainly because I wanted to get in touch with people I went to primary school with before I moved to Plymouth at 11...

I've met one of those people and am in touch with about half a dozen others.... (3 Months ago) i got an email from Friends Reunited...

Now that was weird cos I found myself still calling them "Sir" or "Miss"I went to a reunion organised through F R and it was great, even the school bully turned up and said sorry to the guys he tortured ( who i may add where over 6ft and twice his size lol) weve said we'll do it again next year hopefully. I don't know how it will go......perhaps we will have absolutely nothing in common. I have been contacted by a couple of them but I will never become close to them after the way they treated me.