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Will we see in the house today Kelvin Davis as Acting Prime Minister with the former SAS `puncture repairer' Ron Mark as Deputy and Jimmie Shaw as number 3 in the pecking order.

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Corrections then applied to the Parole Board to discharge Mc Intosh's extended supervision order conditions in relation to his placement at the Salisbury Street Foundation, which were that he was accompanied 24 hours a day and not move from the foundation address.In a statement, acting national commissioner Rachel Leota said the decision to withdraw the application was based on Mc Intosh's current level of compliance with his conditions, "and the range of tools that we have in place to monitor and mitigate any risk he presents".His last conviction for a serious sexual offence was in 1993."While we don't consider that a PPO is currently necessary, we can make an application to the court in future if needed.He remains eligible for a PPO as long as he remains on an ESO."Mc Intosh's current ESO, his second, will end in 2025.Feel free to browse this site for a huge selection of lingerie, adult toys and novelties, lubes and lotions, high quality steel-boned corsets and fashion corsets, costumes, books and most other intimate products you can think of.

Or drop into our store for a relaxed, informative and friendly shopping experience. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Sex Toys in our Sex 101 section.Lloyd Alexander Mc Intosh is considered one of the country's worst child sex offenders and, in 2004, became the first man to be subject to a 10-year extended supervision order (ESO).His crimes include unlawful sexual connection with a 23-month-old baby and raping a 6-year-old child. Mc Intosh was supposed to live in a rural Canterbury town following his 2004 release from jail but public backlash forced Corrections to house him in a unit on the grounds of Christchurch Men's Prison.Take time to grow and enhance your relationship and above all have fun.Corrections has withdrawn an application for a public protection order against one of New Zealand's worst child sex offenders.We don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to.