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Here, the word that trips that proposed etymology is the least obvious one — ‘For.’ Though displaying miscreants in stocks and public shaming were popular punishments in 18th and 19th century USA, any placards left either on the prisoner or on top of the stock would list the crime succinctly.Thus, someone who’d been caught filtching would have a placard that said ‘Thief’ or ‘Stealing,’ maybe even ‘Stealing a Cow,’ but never one that read ‘For Stealing a Cow.’ The ‘For’ would be superfluous.

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When people wanted to have a baby, they had to get the consent of the king, and the king gave them a placard that they hung on their door while they were having sex. The explanation I heard as a kid was that it stood for: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

Because fornication was against religious law, the rapists needed special religious permission, from the king.

In Christianized Anglo-Saxon Britain, invading kings would require that their troops would rape the women in a common demoralization procedure.

Were the king responsible for handing out such permissions, he wouldn’t have time to do anything else (or even to keep up with that one task).

Likewise, though there have been times when conquering forces have engaged in rape, it wasn’t by royal fiat at the behest of a king looking to further dispirit the conquered.

The second path has the word deriving from the short form of ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.’ Variously, adulterers, rapists, child molesters, and them wot engaged in premarital hanky panky were, as part of their punishment, sentenced to wear a placard announcing their wrongdoing.

According to this origin, adulterers locked the stocks in village squares sported ‘FUCK’ around their necks as did rapists walking around in prison yards.

What keeps me going is the hope that one day, when Mercury finally leaves retrograde and the Olsen twins wear matching outfits, I will wake up refreshed and gloriously out of fucks to give.

I fantasize it will go something like this: Wake up. Stuff my face with crunchy sugar-coated cereal designed for children.

One can fornicate premaritally or extramaritally, but not intramaritally.

In light of this, any claim wedded couples trying to entice the stork down their chimney were granted fornication permits crashes against the rock of the wrong word being used.

AHD1, following Pokorny, derived “feud”, “fey”, “fickle”, “foe”, and “fuck” from an Indo-European root peig2 = “hostile”; but AHD2 and AHD3 have dropped this connection for “fuck” and give no pre-Germanic etymon for it.

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