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The app also let you message to other people in the app, and personally, I have made quite a few great friends with same taste and opinion this way. We have featured Candid as one of the top apps of the week before .

Peace of Mind If you're tired of wracking your brain on an issue, let a psychic tell you exactly what is going on so you can move past it.

One can earn more candles by making more posts, inviting your friends and sharing posts on social media.

Apart from that, you can hide chats, set up a passcode, post memes generated inside the app and can even chat one on one or in a group.

Candid is one of the apps that promises to curb hate speech in its stream with combined curation done by humans and machines.

In Candid, the user is assigned a pseudonym for each post, rather than for the whole account.

Chat Counselor Matching Take a questionnaire and be matched with a therapist specific to your needs.

Real Online Therapy Trusted advice, guidance, and counseling for depression, relationships, health, mental illnesses, and more.24/7 Access Do it at your own time and at your own pace.That's why it is essential to keep ourselves sane and calm during the torrid times, working towards a brighter future.We have written about how to stay calm when everything seems to go bad here .Finally , Dark Chat also lets you make secret posts anonymously similar to the apps mentioned before. Posyt Posyt is designed to help meet right people right now.You can post your ideas and opinion on the app and its advanced search algorithm finds people who are uniquely relevant to each of your ideas.However, in the chat rooms your anonymity isn't hundred percent safe, rather they promote was is called 'controlled anonymity', in which you can 'light a candle' if you are curious to know who is who.

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    Developer John Cacoulidis bought the 86-acre Hope Island in 1993 for .3million.