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Its lead vocalist, Mecca Vazie Andrews, is best known for her work as a dancer and choreographer. His new album is the most recent in a series recorded with Nickel Creek member (and fellow Largo community member) Sean Watkins.

Like the others, “North Dakota Impressions” focuses on Brosseau’s storytelling, which is fearlessly earnest, and does so with delicate, inventive instrumentation and arranging.

When he was building his instruments, she was forging unbeaten compositional paths, and she often worked as his sounding board.

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Blessed with a distinctive, high-lonesome voice and a fluid, oft-dramatic way of phrasing his lines, Brosseau at his best, as on “You Can’t Stop,” resides in a beatific, folk-inspired terrain that’s immediately identifiable.

“The Horses Will Not Ride, the Gospel Will Not Be Spoken” recollects a church fire and its remains.

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Ciani is a Grammy-nominated Northern California musician best known for her influential work starting in the 1980s, most of which could be found in the New Age section of your local record store.

Ciani and Buchla were simultaneously based in the San Francisco area.

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