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In all of our searching for a potential spouse, is there something else we need to be focusing on?In my opinion, the answer to that second question is yes.

She received degrees from Texas Southern University, Houston, TX,and Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio Texas, and retired as an educatorin the public school system in 1994 afterthirty-six (36) years of service.

The music-perhaps surprisingly for a contemporary classical composer-is less in the tradition of his peers such as Pierre Boulez or Karlheinz Stockhausen and more in tune with the electronic sounds of the Seventies emanating from Berlin, Dusseldorf or Forst, the likes of Cluster, early Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, in places echoing Conrad Schnitzler.

Disclaimer: This post was in no way written to marginalize missions and the great importance of missionaries, nor was it intended to be used to excuse unrighteous judgment and decisions in any way.

In doing so, we are marginalizing dozens of worthy young men and sometimes justifying the less-than-honorable actions of the young men considered honorable for serving.

I never realized that this was an issue within LDS culture until I was sitting at Angie’s Diner, cleaning “The Sink” with some friends and listening to one describe the dating climate at BYU.

Although he was actually at home in classical music, he recorded three synthesizer albums in the late 1970s, the first of which, "The Awakening Dream" (1977), is an outstanding excursion into experimental ambient and minimal music.

Andriessen himself, 52 years of age at the time, called it a "a trance symphony".Dotting the top and surrounded by curling filigree were the familiar words “What I Want in a Future Spouse.” I wrote down some stupid things, like dark hair and beautiful brown eyes or someone who is tall — it’s really funny to see how preference changes over time — but then there were more important and personal things, too, some that, as a girl, I don’t think I understood fully.I must have written that last one dozens of times, spurred on by well-intending leaders who made sure that we knew the importance of a mission.I’ll admit to picturing a handsome young man, home from an international mission with lots of stories and a new-found love of a culture.We’d decorate our first home with flags and native prints and tell our children his stories. It’s been four years since I left the Young Women’s and a lot has changed since then.Namely, I regret that “Returned Missionary” had such an unshakable place on my checklist.

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    And if families and schools don't form an alliance against a highly sexualized media culture, we are throwing our children to the wolves. A "Dear Parents" letter from the principal can call attention to the toxic sexual environment our children face.