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It's that kind of shocking revelation that can change your whole world in a nutshell and make everything important seem like so many hot air balloons wafting overhead. Then listen to "The World Keeps Going Round" - it's a simple voice song but boy it sticks with you! THIS RECORD CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN WITH THE SAME TITLE AND TRACK SELECTION ! (covers were the bane of the earlier kollections by the way....ahead listen to their version of Louie Louie over and over again, I dare ya! Gotta get the First Plane Home, When I See Thqat Girl of Mine, You Can't Win... World Keeps Goin' 'Round and I'm On An Island are insights as to what to expect in the future, Where Have All The Good Times Gone makes the hair on my back (not just my neck) stand up every time Dave yells "Wont you tell me" and Till The End of the Day is the last great stab at the "knitting needles in your ears" kind of tune....overall I'll give the album an 8, only because I know of what's to come...........Luckily, it seems as though very few bands actually had a hit with "Radar Love" in 1974 and everybody else is simply cruising through life dependent upon an overriding public belief that it's okay not to have had a hit with "Radar Love" in 1975. Supposedly his sister appeared at a gig once wearing jeans and a newspaperman approached her, thinking that she was Dave. Listen to just the music (block out his vocals with the power of Will) and think, "Hmm. Ben Wow, I didn't realize how much of an improvement this was over the other two.

But beyond that -- what exactly is "Eastern" about this song? Is it just because Ray sings the three main vocal notes in kind of a hypnotizing manner over a modal backing chord? Because that's a major chord in a Western key as far as I can tell. Personally I'm more impressed with the astoundingly full guitar wash that opens "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion" -- how did they create that sound and why didn't they use it more often? And I ask you, straight-out -- Am I really this weak? I was just sucked off by a Taiwanese whore while watching midget porn. Speaking of the Police, I like their song 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' because nobody ever stands close to me. If so, I feel it's best for the world that I chop off all my typing fingers and eat them. (*can't figure out how to turn on the jigsaw puzzle*)I gotta go to sparring class, so let's get this boat on the show.Except the lazy boring "Most Exclusive Residence For Sale" and Dave The Brother's fucking stupid as shit dopeyass novelty shit song "You're Looking Fine."The hit single was "Sunny Afternoon," an incredibly dark sardonic song about a wife-beating alcoholic that somehow manages to be played at baseball games, perhaps by the same programmers that love that fist-pumping patriotic anthem "Born In The USA." No other tracks made much headway in the U. though, maybe because the fey British bouncy-tones were no match for America's hardass garage bands like the Standells and the Music Machine? [email protected] and years ago, I found a budget line double LP for in a used bin called "Lola, Percy and the Apeman Come Face to Face With the Village Green Preservation Society... This was a double album of that - so TWO HOURS of the BEST KINKS I HAD EVER HEARD OR EVER WILL HEAR IN MY LIFE. Anyway, that was my introduction to this era of the Kinks (after The Kink Kronikles, which provided a pretty generous teaser).No that's not it, because "House In The Country" is a great uptempo Beatles-style rock and roller. I'm just glad that the record has ultimately gone down in history as one of the best because a human being or animal seldom finds twelve really great pop melodies of varying styles and moods on the same album. And one of the most significant purchases of my life. Still can't decide which is better though, this album or the two that followed it (skipping over Live at Kelvin Hall).A lot better than Kinda, but nowhere near the heights of Face to Face, one of my favorite albums of all time. "I Am Free" is nice, as is his desperate rockin attempt at "Milk Cow Blues". And I don't mean the motion picture starring Lee Ving as "Mr. ), intense drama, fast folky pop -- Chief, this is - oh, I'm sorry, may I call you Chief?Oh okay, if you prefer "Asspecker," that's fine shows ray's brilliance because they did so much with so little here.

just the basic 2 guitar line-up and a little help from a harpsichord and you get emotional greatness. (Sorry, the prissy l'il computer wouldn't let me engage in "profain" language). My friend has every kinks album and is obsessed but so far I've only heard this one, kink kontroversy and village green and this is my favorite even though I love those other two as well. Did you know that the Kinks actually LIVE at Kelvin Hall? (I did it wrong the first 600 times but you weren't around to watch). The Kinks sound like rich kids trying to sound like poor kids. Also -- why was producer Shel Talmy writing so many songs about bald women? Or does he just really fucking hate bitches with brain cancer, the cunts? This first album by the KInks is admittedly pretty stinky. Ben Man, the whole reason for this album was to capitalize on the sudden success of "You Really Got Me," and while I wouldn't say it's the only good song on the album, it's the only one that doesn't sound like an embarrassment. There I go again, hallucinating that I'm a psychologist to early 60s rock bands. I lost four wives during the harrowing Gary Lewis and the Playboys child sex cult hearings. It's 1947 and Ray Davies has a col voice, sounding cocky and ironic. Do you want your child growing up around gay people? Gay people are more sensitive than straights, who like football. It's a good album -- shows that Ray loved pop melodicism more than dopey rock and roll of the first album's wilt. So I'll give the actual album a 6/10, but the Castle reissue a 9/10. Everyone loves "Tired of Waiting for You," but I just see it as a simple generic stupid Roy Orbison rip off that just happened to be released as a single. He's a cold, rainy man who was shot in the leg last night thanks to nothing more than the psychic vibrations of my reviews. As for Ray getting shot, I've spent all morning trying to come up with a hilarious joke about it. "When I said I wanted 'a bloody hole,' I was using the word 'bloody' as English slang, and referring to a 'bit of a root' on 'a bird,' and not suggesting that I wanted you to shoot me! So after the first two Kinks albums (which I think were torn and ripped apart for their American releases, but I'm not positive), America's Reprise Records decided to collect some hit singles and EP tracks and thingies from Britain's Pye Records and issue two previously non-existent Kinks albums entitled Kinks-Size and Kinkdom. ): "You Really Got Me" totally rocked for 1964, with a really tough hard distorted guitar tone that Dave created by shoving knitting needles into the ears of his fans, but it's NOT (as many young people claim) the "first heavy metal song ever." The earliest heavy metal song I've heard is Link Wray's "Rumble" (1958), and that doesn't even count Bill Haley's 1956 Metal Up Your Ass LP. A Well Respected Can is on here (written about Jennifer Lopez), as well as See My Friends, probably their coolest pre-Face to Face song, hands down. "Come on Now" is hideous and is one of the few songs I think the world would be better off without. The Brits were all about singles and EPs, and the Americans were all about singles and then putting the singles onto albums to sell the albums. The only NON-manufactured bands are those created by FRIENDS, like the Low-Maintenance Perennials, my old band that hasn't existed in about eight years. If Malcolm Mc Laren "manufactures" a band, it's no goddamned different than East Bay Ray putting an ad in the paper and "manufacturing" a band with Klaus Flouride, Jello Biafra, 6025 and The Price Is Right host Bob Barker - it's the same FUCKING THING, YOU STUPID FUCK! Because they remind me too much of me at their age. First of all, although I'm guilty of it (and murder), isn't it a bit presumptuous to cram every form of music from an entire portion of the globe under the blanket term "Eastern"? This next paragraph is something I pulled from the Intronet -- somebody trying to do an "imitation" of me. Did he tie me up with a bedstring and color me correct? If you put an ad in the paper looking for a bassist and drummer, and two guys answer and you form a band with them, that is a MANUFACTURED BAND, you fucking Puritan judgmental know-it-all fuckhead who will be dead the minute I meet you, you piece of shit prick. And this goes not without mentioning the angry, arrogant "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" and --- okay, I have something that is either a question or a concern: "See My Friends" gets all sorts of press coverage from dailies, weeklies and wire services as being the first rock song to incorporate Eastern influences. Which reminds ms of a point I wanted to make at some point, and now seems good since this first Kinks album is straightforward garage rock fast r'n'b with every song sounding exactly the same. Here's my dumbass guy: "The Sex Pistols were a manufactured band! If you create a band with people who aren't your friends, that is a MANUFACTURED BAND, Tithead. But look at these hits you've heard on the radio: "Who'll Be The Next In Line" and "Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy" (fast fun jubilees of Britishized r'n'b), "Set Me Free" and "Such A Shame" (dark brooding guitar masterpieces of love gone ungood), "A Well Respected Man" and "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion" (old-timey music with caustic lyrics about just two of the many, many people that Ray has loathed throughout his life).