Dating service for intellectuals

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Dating service for intellectuals

Woman B: I am attracted to people who are intellectually stimulating, someone that I can have a heated debate with who has a logical thought process that I can follow.

I find smart, creative women extremely attractive, and the inability to converse in an intellectually stimulating way is a major turn-off.

I don't care what it is they're so passionate about— marine biology, high end menswear, sexual education in third world countries; that's the turn on.

Man B: I like someone who can hold an intellectual conversation and/or teach me new things.

I didn’t realize there was actually a word for it until a few years ago, though. Man B: I definitely express my attraction to partners' intellect. I like being challenged and being with someone where I can learn something new.

The only difference is that I find someone’s diction hotter that their haircut.

He was super manipulative and could get whatever he wanted from anyone, so he didn’t come off as unintelligent.

Man A: Oh, I feel like that's something you can generally figure out in the first 10 minutes of knowing someone.Woman A: Definitely early in college when I figured out what I wanted to be in my life.A date that came with free dinner/drinks was great but if I learned nothing noteworthy from him, I would feel like I’m cutting myself short if I spent more time getting to know this person.He started talking all about the chemistry of water and salt and I just remember listening to him and thinking . Whether it's in the context of past relationships or even the ever-so-subtle "Why do you even like me? Woman C: No one besides my fiancé — only because he’s the only guy I’ve dated since I realized what being a sapiosexual was. I feel like if we're already partners, we both know what turns us on about each other.I was so turned on listening to him talk about boiling water. Man A: I don't necessarily speak to partners about it though I do make it known why I'm usually drawn to them. Woman A: I’m more concerned that I’m never satisfied with what I currently know now and this can be an issue if I ever settle down with a partner.I want someone who can discuss with me the relationship between diglossia and social inequality, or who can explain why the cause of my leg pain might actually be pressure on the sciatic nerve in my back.