Dating proverbs sayings

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Dating proverbs sayings

Cadmus set the warriors fighting by throwing a precious stone among them, and only five escaped death.

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Outside the Bristol Corn Exchange, such nails can still be seen in the form of four bronze pillars and it is said that if a buyer was satisfied with the sample of grain shown on the nail he paid on the spot.

A better if less colourful explanation may lie in a dialect word 'cag' (bad temper), which became corrupted to 'keg' and in turn to can; 'carry (on) the cag/keg/can' (sulk) may have changed its meaning as time went by.

The French for a blank piece of paper, the underlying idea behind this expression is of handing someone a blank sheet on which they can write their own terms.

The expression cack-handed almost certainly comes from the ancient tradition, which developed among peoples who were mainly right-handed, that one reserved the left hand for cleaning oneself after defecating and used the right hand for eating.

At various times this has been known in most cultures.

It comes from the slightly older verbs asperse and asperge, both of which can be traced back to the Latin aspergere, to sprinkle.

Around the middle of the 17th century, aspersion began to refer to the figurative idea that a person was sprinkling his neighbourhood with damaging imputations or false statements.So, to be left-handed was to use the cack hand or be cack-handed.In Greek mythology Prince Cadmus killed a dragon that guarded the fountain of Dirce, in Boeotia, and planted its teeth, from which a race of armed warriors sprang up.In poker-playing a bluff is a display of confidence (perhaps from a Dutch word for boast) such as heavy betting on one's own weak hand to deceive opponents and cause them to throw up their own stronger hands and lose their stakes.To 'call' such a bluff is to remain in play and require the bluffer finally to show what cards are held; a call is simply a demand that a player reveal his hand because his bet has been equalled.The allusion of the expression therefore is to the victory of the five survivors in the conflict with the multitude of other warriors.

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