Dating bedroom

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Dating bedroom

An attractive person can be just as bad in bed as someone who’s equally unattractive.

Mirrors bounce around energy and double what they reflect.

Simply stated, the ancient art form of feng shui is two-fold: welcoming beautiful energy into your life, and making it feel at home.

When you walk into a space and feel an immediate sense of reverence — that’s feng shui. And it’s communicated thru the language of metaphor, with our homes as metaphors for our (love) lives.

Knowing if a guy is good in bed can be very tricky.

They don’t have “A-grade Lover” stamped anywhere on their butts, so you will have to rely on instinct and a little bit of information.

Basically, position yourself so that no one can sneak up behind you, and you can see who is coming into the room.

Considering the energy flow in such a manner leads to a feeling of safety, which translates into peaceful sleep. Whatever is under the bed becomes activated as a metaphor in your love life; likely not the threesome you fantasize about.

If walls could talk, what would they say about your dating life?

As I continually refine my feng shui practice, subtlety reigns; more sensuality than suncatcher crystals.

There are even those who would bet on average-looking guys, because they look like they’re willing to work to enhance their skills in bed.

This type of pre-judging paves the way for a boatload of disappointment when you and your date finally get each other’s clothes off.

You cannot rely on playboys as well, because the amount of women they slept with is not a good basis for their abilities.