Dating a commercial airline pilot

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"Even when we're on the clock…we don't want to be delayed.Wanting to take off on time is a pretty universal thing."9.

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For long-haul flights, extra crew members—the number depends on how long the flight is––are rotated in, allowing the crew adequate time to rest in onboard sleeping quarters. But as in any other profession, compensation varies.To find out what really goes on behind the cockpit door, we asked the only people who'd know: pilots.Read on to find out what regional and major airline aviators had to say about working up in the air.1.Captains aren't necessarily more senior than first officers."There's this idea that the first officer, otherwise known as the copilot, is an apprentice," says Smith—which couldn't be further from the truth.According to Dave,* a pilot for a major commercial airline in Canada, this preference is due to the fact that "50 to 60% of pilots in the U. commute because they don't live where their routes fly to and from," so the block of days off gives them enough time to get back home and relax. Pilots don't work with the same cockpit crew every time.

When pilots make their monthly scheduling bids, they can ask to fly with particular crew members, but requests are granted based on seniority only.

"An engine failure shortly after liftoff requires quick recognition of the situation." For that reason, engine failures are practiced in a flight simulator every six months to a year.

However, according to the pilots we spoke with, the real deal is extremely rare.3.

"Airline pilots make anywhere from ,000 a year to between 0,000 and 0,000," says Smith.

"It all depends on which carrier you work for and what your seniority is." Generally, if a pilot enters the profession through civilian ranks—as opposed to coming in as a military pilot—he or she starts off as a flight instructor or operates cargo planes, gradually working up to flying for a regional carrier, and then, eventually, a major commercial carrier.

Having more experience makes them more comfortable, as well as increases their exposure to different types of incidents."7. If there's one big falsehood about flying, it's the idea that autopilot takes care of everything. While the autopilot setting—which helps with everything from vertical and horizontal navigation to speed control—can improve the pilot's capabilities, it doesn't mean that you can just jump in a plane and press "fly." In addition, airplanes themselves are very different, and require specific operation training.