Couchsurfing and dating

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Couchsurfing and dating

There have been cases of rape and assault, as well as sexual harassment, on the part of both male and female hosts. But did I get taken advantage of because I was young and didn’t know any better? The plain truth is that some hosts and some surfers see sexual encounters as part of the couchsurfing experience.The big question is, are these bad experiences the norm, or outliers that mar an otherwise wonderful network of travellers? Indeed, it can be in a genuine way; solid and long-term couchsurfing couples are very common.

Nowadays, the couchsurfing community has evolved into a hook up site which works the same way as Tinder, OKcupid and other online dating websites that are most likely going to get you end up naked in someone else’s couch What’s worse, is that most of the 7 million users of the site are only there to participate in the casual sex rather than cultural exchange and sharing genuine experiences as world travelers and hosts .Did I meet wonderful, generous and inspiring people through couchsurfing? However, there were definitely situations where I was distinctly uncomfortable. Aside from the typical safety tips – only stay with approved hosts, tell your friends where you’re going to be, let them know someone will miss you if you’re away and read previous surfer reviews like you’re buying the most expensive car of your life – there are a few other tips you can make use of: When on a person’s page, check how many of their references are the opposite gender, and check how many are attractive: if it is a large percentage, even if the reviews are glowing, chances are couchsurfing is their mini-dating site. Also, to avoid hassle, try to stay with hosts of the same gender, or couples.Plan well ahead – finding a decent host, like anything else worthwhile, can take a lot of legwork.The host would act as a tour guide for his/her guest.More often than usual, the two of you would probably hit it off due to the spark of human nature’s emotional chemistry or just simply being piss ass drunk.It’s sad to see how the original concept of couchsurfing is confused with a standard solution for a horny male / female’s plea for an instant fuck.

One travel blogger even quoted: You can find some of his confessional posts about what Couchsurfing really is for him, here in this article: 8 Signs of a Naughty Couchsurfer Girl.

A hospitality service and social networking website that provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. Today, the couchsurfing community has turned completely from a friendly society of world travelers into a dating site that helps illicit creeps have ‘no-strings-attached’ sex for free.

Technically, in layman’s term, couchsurfing is the answer for vagabonds who wants to travel cheap, for backpackers who’s trying to save money by rather than booking at hotels and hostels for accommodation, they stay at a welcoming stranger’s house for “free” instead. On the contrary, I totally understand that there are scenarios where; while spending time at a total stranger’s place for free there would be moments the two of you would want to hang out together, go out for dinner and grab a beer after.

Although the website’s community guidelines warns about how the site is not a means to contact other users for dating, the question is, does anyone ever gives a flying fuck about these guidelines?

To add up, there aren’t any articles (on the site) given regarding penalties for violating this rule.

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