Consolidating debt forum

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Consolidating debt forum

665-668 is the level,one must look into, Unless stock closes above 665-668, this stock will not give any major gains,every rally is being sold into. Its movement is in a very narrow range suggesting that it is consolidating.Yes,funny things happen in stock market,so for those who are looking at other side of green ( red in this case), 665-668 is level one must look out for,any major follow up move will come if stock manages to close above 665-668. Even if u want to average then average it once it comes below 600(if it ever comes below). The stock just needs a push n that push may come anytime based on news we may not see forthcoming now. Getting your lot into Green is more faster via ''Averaging'' than waiting for the Stock to shoot...which is slow and may not ever happen.

Russia has been largely landlocked for most of its history, and Moscow has always valued the Crimean peninsula for its coastline (see above).

Promoters r expecting 30% top-line growth in current year whereas EPS growth should be around 20%...

Thyrocare Technologies Ltd EPS FY15-16 = Rs.10.06 (consolidated & diluted) Live/FFBACB36_65A4_4BE7_967E_E7DD532B76A2_181158Thyrocare Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on June 11, 2016, inter alia, have recommended a payment of final dividend of Rs.

Don''t know how long it can sustain such high PE based on 10%-15% eps/profit growth rates.

Some one on this board says that it''s a fraud company rigging books & looting customers!!??

2.50 (Rupees Two and Paise Fifty only) per equity share of the face value of Rs.

10 each for the financial year ended March 31, 2016. These two interim dividends constitutes a total payout of Rs.

For us this stock will be relegated to JUNK STATUS in coming months. I did the same with my CCD stock and finally able to dispose it at Profit.

Like Indigo, management will reveal some uneasy facts. BELOW IPO PRICE Shivajee this is no level to average. Those who didn''t average are still waiting and they can possibly even forget to dream for CCD to even break-even their holds.

I don''t know about any impending fraud but at least it''s not looting customers. The market is factoring almost ''nil'' probability of Fed Funds Rate hike in June. Brexit is also not expected to affect Indian markets in a big way.

It''s service is very cheap & results very accurate. Passage of GST in Monsoon Session will be a shot in the arm.

Markets are up by 15% but Thyorcare is trading below the listing day high, gave two exit opportunities. Once u told that u will hold thyrocare upto 700/- or 31st may whichever earlier. Kosamattam Finance Ltd NCD SREI Equipment Finance Ltd NCD Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd NCD Muthoot Finance Ltd NCD Kosamattam Finance Ltd NCD More Bond's, NCDs...

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    Early withdrawal: if you pull your money out of the CD before maturity (known as “breaking” the CD), your bank might charge an early withdrawal penalty.

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