Conflict of interest dating in the workplace

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Employees must be made aware of where the boundaries are so that things that occur on personal time don’t become a distraction or a source of conflict in the workplace.” Employees are human beings and as such they look to connect with another person.

They also get to know their co-workers on a level that might build respect and trust, key elements in a lasting relationship."It could happen in the break room just as easily as it could at your cousin's wedding or at the tire store," Taylor says."Why put arbitrary parameters on something so important?The reader asked me what to do because the relationship was affecting her ability to complete an assignment for a client in which the two were involved because they were spending more time together during the working day including long lunches.She felt obligated to continue the relationship because of the superior-subordinate role and concern about what might happen if she changed the dynamic.The Ethics of Dating in the Workplace Last week a reader of this blog asked questions about the ethical conflict they experienced in the workplace.

The issue is one that many workers encounter so I decided to blog about what I believe is the appropriate action to take – at least in her situation.

Would she feel proud about it and able to defend it?

My final advice was to speak to the superior about putting aside the relationship until the current assignment was completed.

Unfortunately, the superior did not respond very well to the request saying that “I put my career on the line for you and there is no turning back.” The reader was torn between seeking advice from human resources and just quitting her job.

The latter was a real option because of a strain in the relationship that had resulted from her suggestion of putting aside the relationship.

I have previously blogged about the perils of dating in the workplace.