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Christian siriano brad walsh dating - swiss dating customs

Congratulations are in order for fashion designer Christian Siriano (who recently launched his first bridal collection with Kleinfeld) and his new husband, musician Brad Walsh!The pair tied the knot last night at their charming summer home in Danbury, Connecticut, and gave BRIDES an exclusive look at their day — dishing on everything from their attire and the décor to the A-list guest list (and wedding party!

"Many of our friends and family members have been to the house as guests so it's a comfortable place for everyone to have a good time."The style-savvy groom's turned to designer David Hart for their wedding attire.

In addition to their star-studded wedding party, Christian and Brad celebrated their day with A-listers like Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks, and "Our biggest unexpected challenge was planning for rain," the couple says.

"We had four large tents on standby in case the weather wasn't in our favor." Another tricky pre-wedding task?

"We were both bowled over by Danielle Brooks performance — the entire wedding party was in tears before the ceremony even started," the couple added.

The duo even wrote their own vows but kept the ceremony short and sweet, opting to exchange longer letters in private.

The 2,100-sq-feet space is vintage-inspired, with pieces from Restoration Hardware and Williams-Sonoma, as well as accents picked up from the pair’s travels across the US and around the world. It’s comfortable and it’s easier to forget we’re in the middle of the city.

Here Brad tells us a little bit about the decorating inspiration and process. We’re two blocks from Madison Square Garden but it feels almost like a country home. I think the next move will be a house outside the city, which may be far off.Was this the vision for the place when you started? More of a getaway than a move, though, because we could never leave. Christian comes from Annapolis and has a very big soft spot inside for a beach home, so I think regardless of where any new space for us is located, he will treat it as a beach house and want to decorate accordingly. Our last apartment in Williamsburg was very modern and kind of minimal, and right at the end of our time there Christian started getting much more into antique and vintage finds. I get sick in cars and love to walk everywhere, and you can get to almost anything on foot living where we do. I’d love a house a little bit upstate for the weekends. "It was such a magical evening with all the people I love!"While the grooms wore black, the wedding party and guests wore white.White floral centerpieces were twinkling with candle light, designed by Diane Gaudett.

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